Ros Perton


Thrown and altered clay pieces which explore and question the traditional use of materials and the accepted associations of beauty, usefulness and value in ceramic forms

Originally a Fine Art graduate, Ros became interested in both the long history of ceramics, and the making of pottery, during travels abroad.  Most of her vessels are wheel-thrown, some are altered or added to whilst the clay is still plastic.  The forms are interrelated.  One piece can be made up of several component parts, and may be assembled or arranged in various ways.  Some pieces are functional, some not.  Inspirations for the form and surface of the work are drawn from visual stimuli, both natural and man-made.  Museum pieces, bodies of water, building materials and the mystery of dirty windows have all played a part.  Ros uses porcelain for the fine smooth cool look and feel, and for its innate ability to respond to and reflect ambient light and colour.  She uses coarser clays, exploiting the distinctive textural relationships between materials for visual and tactile effect.